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Adult dogs

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Fairy Tale du Mas d'Elronde

Chocolate girl, born on July 1st, 2010

Fairy is retired and search a new familly, calm, without dog or child preferably
Guetta des Portes de la Moria (Chipie)

Blue girl, born on July 27, 2011

Chipie gave me a unique litter, her soon Iccios is always at home. She's now retired and search a family, preferably without dog.
Goria Ar Ti Marellek

Tricolor girl, born on March 18, 2011

After three litters, Goria is so energetic ! She needs a family with children or a lot of activities.
Gina des Deux Camélias

Tricolor girl, born on December 07, 2011

It was planned that Gina will have a last litter next year. But the spring litter was born by caesarean, so I prefer not to make her do another litter. So she's retired ! She is very fine, with her little and stubborn caracter. So I search for her an active family, who knows cocker.
el hobo
El Hobo des Dames de la Forêt Barrade

Blue boy, born on April 22, 2009

El Hobo is now retired after some good years at kennel. He has joined us after his previous owners had to go to a retirement home. So he searches now a new home, preferably calm.
Hoon Ar Ti Marellek

Orange and white boy, born on July 17, 2012

Hoon's son is ready to success him, so Hoon searches a new calm home.

Horses, ponies and foals

Izar Marellek

Black boy, born on April 30th (Poly x Opium)

Izar is to book and will be available at weaning in November. He's curious and cuddly, he can be easily manipulated. He will be probably smaller than his father (around 90-100 cm).