They are retired because they are older, they have health issues or their health tests are negatives. Generall, they live near the kennel, at friend home or at family home or at customers who have become friends... Some are stayed at home, because I can't separate from them, their history is too linked with mine, our complicity is so strong, separate ourselves would be heartbreaking...

Emma du Mont de la Chênaie (Evita)


Edea Ar Ti Marellek

Mylady Blue Vom Schloss Hellenstein (Lady)

         Fairy Tale du Mas d'Elronde          

Gloria Ar Ti Marellek

Guetta des Portes de la Moria (Chipie)

Goria Ar Ti Marellek

El Hobo des Dames de la Forêt Barrade

Hoon Ar Ti Marellek

Gina des Deux Camélias

Houna de la Lande des Dunes du Sud

Grace des Terres Froides

Halenia Ar Ti Marellek

Harmelle of the three rivers closed

Heggelia Ar Ti Marellek

Iccios Ar Ti Marellek

Navajos Ar Ti Marellek

Hella Ar Ti Marellek

Haren Ar Ti Marellek

Idylle des Portes de la Moria

Iasny Ar Ti Marellek

Ilary du Pré Moussey (Irish)